Afscheid Prof. dr. H.P.A.J. Langendijk CSF190084-437 Let umbrella organizations appoint and pay auditors

Let umbrella organizations appoint and pay auditors

About Nyenrode |  March 29 2019
On March 29, 2019, Prof Dr Henk Langendijk said goodbye as a professor at Nyenrode Business University. In Nyenrode’s Pfizer room, he delivered his farewell speech titled: ‘The (un)true and fair view of the annual financial statements and the position of the auditor.’ His most important advice is to have auditors appointed and paid by umbrella organizations in order to create more impartiality.
Promotie Beau Soederhuizen met paranimfen Study on the impact of policy measures on the economy

Study on the impact of policy measures on the economy

Research |  June 11 2018
The turmoil surrounding the economic situation in Italy has returned in recent weeks. Based on inflation expectations, however, Italian consumers intend to remain in the eurozone. Inflation expectations would indeed rise if the country were to leave the eurozone, though the findings show that inflation expectations actually fall during times of concern over the eurozone’s future. This points to an internal adjustment mechanism within the eurozone. This is one of the conclusions reached by Beau Soederhuizen in his dissertation titled “Empirical studies on (un)conventional policies and macroeconomic adjustment during the crisis”, for which he will receive his doctorate from Nyenrode Business Universiteit on 11 June 2018. At age 26, Soederhuizen is the youngest person ever to earn a PhD from the university.


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