Chances in Seoul #lifeasanyenrodian

From April 7th to April 11th, the Nyenrode Roadshow in Seoul took place. This roadshow included information sessions about Nyenrode Business Universiteit and personal consulting sessions with potential students. In this trip, there was one of our FTMSc 26 alumni, Sehee Lucia Choi, who is now part of Nyenrode’s Young Professionals team as a Community Marketeer (International B2B). Lucia shares her experience as an alumna and marketeer during this trip.

Choosing Nyenrode as a workplace

Lucia has worked before as a program coordinator of an international education office at a university in Seoul. On top of that, she wrote her thesis related to ‘Agile educational experience at Nyenrode’, which shows her interest in the education industry. “I was very happy to see the job post during my thesis life as it was a position that I wanted to work for.  I do believe being an international marketeer will add much value to my career path. Since it was a new position that was created, I felt it was a chance that came to me and I was also prepared to grab it to make the position as my own. Besides, Nyenrode is my first home in the Netherlands as I lived on Breukelen campus. I am glad that I can still stroll on the green campus every day and feel the energy of students on a different side. I really hope my student experience adds value to the marketing of Nyenrode.”

Roadshow in Seoul
During the Roadshow in Seoul Lucia and her colleague Milou had the chance to visit universities, high schools, study abroad agencies, and personally meet great potentials for Nyenrode. “In general, I felt honored to represent Nyenrode in my own country.” Both colleagues also held information sessions with Nuffic Neso Korea. “As an alumna, I told some stories and showed pictures during my Nyenrode experience, which was more visible for the potential students. The trip was even more meaningful for me since I went to the university I graduated in Seoul; as a representative of Nyenrode to have a meeting with one of the staffs at the international relations office.”

The image of the Netherlands for Koreans
After a couple of information sessions and personal consulting, Milou and Lucia had more insights about why Koreans choose the Netherlands to study. Koreans are searching for a good work-life balance, because of the heavy workload in Korea and many young people with burn-outs. “Milou told me that she felt Koreans have the image of the Netherlands as a more balanced society; more time for social and private life”. Besides, Korea is a highly hierarchical society, especially in the office. Koreans have a positive image of the Netherlands as a flatter society, with a more ‘liberal’ atmosphere. Koreans are attracted to the Netherlands because of the international business society, and big multinationals that are situated in the Netherlands. “The fact that you can find a job although you only speak English is a big plus why Koreans choose the Netherlands as well”. Additionally, because of the fact that the air quality in Seoul is gradually deteriorating, Koreans hope to find a more green and healthy environment in Europe and the Netherlands to be more precise, especially when they have children, or want to raise children in the near future.

Stronger relationships
For the future, Lucia hopes the following: “I hope I can connect Nyenrode with more international educational organizations by conducting the role as an intermediary to build up and maintain relationships. I will definitely strive to build stronger relationships with the Korean organizations while I discover diverse business culture from different countries. However, no matter who I meet, I will start the conversation with the stories of Nyenrode based on my own experience as an alumna.”