“Creating space for taking initiative”

In September 2016, Arvid Gustafsson took up his position as the new Campus Dean. Arvid himself was a student in Nyenrode’s BBA program in 1988. How does he look back at last year?

“From this summer, with the Full-time MBA moving to Amsterdam, students of two programs will remain living on the Nyenrode campus: the full-time MSc in Management and the BSc in Business Administration. These students have very different backgrounds, ages, expectations, ideas, ethnicities and study timetables. Last year, the campus gained its first cohort of BSc in Business Administration (BScBA) students, who are younger than the MSc and the current MBA residents. Student association Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre (NCV) has been working very carefully to get BScBA students involved on its various boards.”

Pleasant learning and living environment

“The students who live on campus, totaling around 250, are represented on the Campus Committee Board (CCB). I work with the board to ensure a safe and pleasant learning and living environment. As Campus Dean, it’s my task to shape general policy and provide a clear direction for the future. The CCB operates fairly independently, but when people breach aspects of the Nyenrode Code of Conduct that no longer fall under the board’s responsibility, I step in. Together, we set boundaries so that everyone can be held accountable. We also make it clear that there are consequences attached to undesirable behavior.”

Creating a truly useful experience

“My objective is to get the students to do and think as much as possible themselves, so that they see their time on campus as a truly useful experience. They often have a lot of responsibility at a relatively young age, and sometimes have to take tough decisions, so this helps to prepare them for life after Nyenrode.”

“I also lived on the campus when I was a student. There were a lot more students then. The courses, the campus and the NCV association activities are still key elements of Nyenrode’s image, but there’s more to it these days. Nyenrode has become far more professionalized, and the number of students who do not live on campus and who graduate from the university has increased many times over.”

Digging deep to achieve goals

“As Campus Dean and an alumnus, I can point out positive aspects of campus life to students, but also the possible downsides. They have to take the initiative themselves in order to gain added value, and they really have to dig deep if they want to achieve their goals. Overcoming obstacles makes your efforts more meaningful, and you learn something from them. Creating the space for each student to take control of his or her life is something I’m particularly interested to be involved in.”


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