Your chair is reserved!

Your chair is reserved!

You're only a payment away from having claimed your chair. Imagine your name in a room full of Nyenrodians. Finalize your claim now via the button below.


Your donation goes 100% towards the renovation and upkeep of our lecture rooms. Thanks to you, we can offer our students state of the art facilities. On top of that, this is a unique opportunity to share an inspiring message with our students.

After your payment

1. We will check your information and payment
Haven't you shared an inspiring message or quote yet? You still have time to think if you want to share one.

2. We will contact you
This is the time to share that message. Onze we have all the necessary information, we will check with you wether you agree with the text.

3. We will order the plaque
Almost there! In a few weeks your name and an inspiring quote will be on your chair.

4. We will get the plaque attached to your seat
As soon as it arrives our office, we will ask our General Services colleague to attach it to your seat

5. We will share a picture with you
All done! This is when the fun begins. Other claimers experienced how their chair connected them with other people whom sent them photos while sitting on their chair.

6. We will keep you updated
Nyenrode Fund Donors experience many advantages. We will keep you informed about developments of our beautiful university and the Nyenrode Fund projects. On top of that, you will get the chance to meet with other alumni on our Annual Thank the Donor Day, the Dies Natalis and the Opening of the Academic Year

Finalize your claim now via the button below.


Thank you,

Heleen van Hall MBA
Director a.i. Nyenrode Fund


Heleen van Hall

Heleen van Hall

Nyenrode Development Office
Anouk Reitsma

Anouk Reitsma

Nyenrode Development Office