Include Nyenrode in your will

Do you look back at Nyenrode as a life changing experience? Alumna Gayle van Beeten says this is where she discovered her strengths. ‘Nyenrode feels like an extra family to me,’ she said. To make a final impact on her beloved university, she included the Nyenrode Fund in her will. Gayle: ‘You won't be able to spent money when you're gone.

Do you want to make an impact?
To make an impact on our alma mater, you could consider including the Nyenrode Fund in your will. That could either be a specific amount or a percentage of your legacy.

Some of our alumni are without children, have a small family or just don't have warm feelings for their family due to a variety of reasons. Some alumni do have children and would like to make a impact by giving money to a charity like the Nyenrode Fund. This is your chance to show the impact Nyenrode Business Universiteit has had on your life.

The Nyenrode Fund is an ANBI organization, which means citizens of the Netherlands won't have to pay inheritance tax.

You decide how to make an impact
Do you want to fund restorations of our monuments, new research or modernization of our educational facilities? Or maybe you want to fund a scholarship for gifted students who lack the resources to fully fund their education at Nyenrode. That way, you could offer someone the chance to experience Nyenrode the way you did. Together, we will harbor the continuity of Nyenrode in the future.

Notary check 
We can arrange for a notary to check your will. Is it still up to your standards? The notary could also advise you how to make your will more fiscally attractive. 

Stay in touch
Some alumni decide to include the Nyenrode Fund in their will without our knowledge. We are incredibly grateful for that and would love to know when that happens. That way, we could keep you informed about developments of our beautiful university.

More information
Would you like more information about including Nyenrode in your will? Contact director a.i. Heleen van Hall via 0346 - 291 432 or for personal advice.