Regular financial donation

A regular financial donation allows Dutch residents to fully use the tax advantages. In an agreement, you would pledge to donate a sum periodically for at least five years. This could be a donation every month, quarter or year, The sum of the donations within each year can be subtracted from taxes.

Want to become a donor? Download and fill in the contract below, sign it and send it to us.



Example regular financial donation

The Nyenrode Fund is recognized as an ANBI-organization, making donations from Dutch residents tax-deductible to a certain percentage. Depending on your total income, either 36,65%, 38,10% or 51,75% of your donation will be returned to you via the Dutch tax autorities as shown in the example below.

 BrutoNetto payment Taxes
Netto donation 3.167,503.095,002.412,50
Amount returned1.832,501.905,002.587,50


Let's say you are a Dutch resident and fund a project like a scholarship with your cohort. With a total income of 35.000 euros on a yearly basis, your income is in the third tax bracket. You donate 250 euros a year to the Nyenrode Fund.

 Bruto RefundableTax Netto 
(in euro)donationamountadvantagedonation
Single donation250,-00250,-
Regular donation250,-250,-95,25154,75

A regular financial donation of 250 euros only costs you 154,74 euros!


Heleen van Hall MBA

Head of Alumni and External Relations