Students in need due to corona virus
Will you help our future students too?

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus a lot of uncertainty has risen. Some students are in financial trouble because they lost their part time job, their parents lost their job or due to huge losses in (family owned) companies. You can probably imagine that in these times of financial uncertainty, the investment in the education for one’s child or one’s self has become a huge step if not an impossibility.

The Nyenrode Fund is therefore initiating an emergency fund to support students in financial need and to provide additional scholarships for our future students. You can help our students by contributing to additional scholarships or to support the emergency fund for students that find themselves in financial difficulties. Will you help too?

You can contribute by donating via our bank NL11ABNA0566993201 (BIC ABNANL2A), Stichting Nyenrode Fonds by mentioning ‘Emergency Fund’ or ‘Scholarship Fund’. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Or by using ‘Tikkie’ via the following links: (emergency fund existing students) (scholarship fund for future students)

The Revolving principle according to which Nyenrode Fund works, applies to both the scholarships and the emergency fund.

For more information on Nyenrode and corona virus see:


Heleen van Hall MBA

Head of Alumni and External Relations