Revolving Scholarships

Nyenrode Fund, or Stichting Nyenrode Fonds (SNF) in Dutch, provides scholarships for talented students who lack the resources to fully fund their education at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. These scholarships are made possible by our alumni who act as mentor to the recipients.

The fund facilitates the selection process of the young candidates eligible for these scholarships. Since (representatives of) the donors are closely involved with the recipients, a personal connection is vital.

These scholarships are 'revolving' in character. This means that the recipient has the moral obligation to repay the money, enabling a new student to receive a scholarship. As this scholarship is not an official loan, it is not registered by the Dutch government.


Give another a chance at the Nyenrode Experience

Are you interested in donating for a scholarship individually or with alumni from your year? Read more about donating with fiscal benefits. You make the difference for the talents of the future!

Are you the recipient of a revolving scholarship and are you keen to offer the same opportunity to a young student? Pay it forward and take advantage of the fiscal benefits.


Scholarships in 2021

There is only a small number of scholarships available each year. A scholarship is never more than 50% of the total tuition fee, but it can make a significant difference to the possibility of studying at Nyenrode. This year, the following scholarships are available to international students:

Please check the relevant pages for information about applying and deadlines, tips for writing your motivation letter and help drawing up your financial plan.


Seventeen young talents received a scholarship in 2020

In 2020, seventeen students started their studies at Nyenrode via a revolving scholarship. It is a varied bunch, with one Full-time BSc in Management, fifteen Full-time MSc in Management students and one MBA student.

We treasure the moment when, on the annual Thank the Donor Day, the students receive their cheques from their donors and mentors.


Heleen van Hall MBA

Head of Alumni and External Relations
SNF - 2018 - portret Elyas Razawi - testimonial

Elyas Razawi

Class of 1976 Revolving Scholarship (among others)
‘I have been given so much. There are so many people who have selflessly helped me. Without them, I wouldn't be here now.’
SNF - 2018 - portret Johan Baalbaki_verkleind en bijgesneden

Johan Baalbaki

Class of 1958 Revolving Scholarship
“You have to be your own leader first. Failure is a part of that. When you fail, you end up going ten steps further.”