Revolving Scholarship FTMBA

Make a donation towards a scholarship for the fulltime Master of Business Administration (FTMBA) in Amsterdam

The university fund believes it is important to also enable students who do not have the financial means themselves to study at Nyenrode. Thanks to contributions from alumni, we can offer scholarships to these students.

Stichting Nyenrode Fonds facilitates the selection process of the young candidates eligible for a scholarship. Since (representatives of) the donors are closely involved with the recipients as mentors, a personal connection between donor and recipient is vital.

These scholarships are ‘revolving’ in character. This means that the recipient has the moral obligation to pay it forward, by offering a scholarship to a new student. A scholarship can never cover more than 50% of the total tuition fee, however, it can really make the difference and allow a candidate to study at Nyenrode.

Offer someone else the Nyenrode Experience

Do you want to make a scholarship for the MBA possible, either by yourself or together with alumni from your year or class? Then read more about fiscally attractive donation options and contact us! You can also make a one-off donation using the Donate button below. You can make the difference for future talents.