Pay it Forward

Pay it forward!

In September 2019, a new group of students started their studies at Nyenrode. For nine of them, this was made possible with financial help from alumni. We are proud to tell you that 272 students have received a scholarship so far. And you are one of them!

You know, like no other, how a scholarship can change your life if you wish to study at Nyenrode when you lack the financial means. How wonderful would it be if you could offer a young talent the same opportunity?

As you know, our scholarships are ‘revolving’. This means that the recipient has the moral obligation to repay the money, enabling a new student to receive a scholarship, and making former recipients new donors. Out of the 272 alumni who received a scholarship so far, 11 have already repayed their scholarship and a few have pledged to do so in the near future. This is your chance to make a difference!


Tax advantages for Dutch residents

For tax purposes, your scholarship repayment might be deductible from your income taxes as a gift. This is because Nyenrode Fund (or Stichting Nyenrode Fonds in Dutch) is listed as a charity under Dutch tax law. As a Dutch resident, you can deduct a gift of between 1% and 10% of your shared income annually.

For Dutch residents, there are various tax-advantaged donation options, either privately or via your company. If you are obliged to pay taxes to another country, we advise you to contact the tax authorities about international donations and possible tax advantages.


Single donation

You repay your scholarship in one donation. Please note that for larger amounts there is a limitation on how much you can deduct from your taxes. Do you want to make a single donation? Please contact us.

You can donate the whole sum of your scholarship at once to Stichting Nyenrode Fonds via NL11 ABNA 0567 0116 31 with a reference including ‘Scholarship + the group of alumni who financed it. For example: ‘Scholarship NOIB 1958’.


Regular financial donation

To make the most out of tax deductibility, you can make periodic donations to the fund. You pay a fixed amount per month, quarter or year for a period of five years in total, set in an agreement between you and the Nyenrode Fund. You can deduct your annual donations from your income taxes. For example 1.000 euros per year. With tax advantages, this is about 50 euros per month. The price of one dinner!


Single donation with the benefits of recurring donations

You donate the whole sum at once, but this way that money is legally a loan to the Nyenrode Fund. That loan will be absolved over a period of five years. Annually, you are eligible to deduct one-fifth of your donation from your taxes.

Do you want to make a single donation and also use the possibility of deducting your donation as a gift? Please contact us today.


Business donation

You may also repay your scholarship via a donation through your company. This way, the sum is deductible from your fiscal profits. If necessary, we can send you an invoice for your donation(s). Please contact us to discuss the details of a corporate donation.


Do you want to pay it forward?

Become a donor today and offer young talent the chance to study at Nyenrode with a revolving scholarship!


Anouk Reitsma

Anouk Reitsma

Nyenrode Development Office