Our alumni have been showing their commitment to the university on a regular basis for many years. For instance, many alumni came to share their experiences about studying at Nyenrode during open days, experience weekends and other recruitment events.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic all scheduled events and face-to-face meetings with alumni as well as international travelling had to be postponed in spring 2020. Since working online has become very common these days, we wanted to ensure that alumni in countries around the world can continue to find each other, and we therefore updated our LinkedIn country groups and created new ones.

Alumni support their alma mater with knowledge, experience and resources. Fixico, a company founded by former students who participated in our business accelerator, provided cases for a business game for the Fulltime MSc in Management program.

In spring 2020, the Alumni & External Relations Office put together an options list to give our alumni an overview of the possibilities for getting involved with our programs and our students and for sharing their stories with other alumni. Recently, we also launched initiatives such as the Meet the Alumni (#meetthealumni) columns, the Nyenrode Alumni Talks and access for alumni to the Nyenrode Library.

In normal years, intensive contact with alumni does not stop at our Dutch borders. Alumni abroad lend their assistance at international recruitment events, and alumni, students, staff and faculty in various cities worldwide have had the opportunity to meet and reconnect. In 2019, we organized alumni dinners in Montreal and Toronto in Canada and in London, where we met over 40 alumni.

Nyenrode Alumni VCV provides alumni with networking opportunities on a professional, personal and social level. The group hosted several professional events in 2019, such as the Coaching Café and the Investor-, Career Energizer- and Refreshment-Day titled “The mystery of family business”. In January 2020, NA VCV celebrated the launch of its online alumni platform, which allows everyone to find and interact with alumni all over the world, post and search for job vacancies, create and donate to crowdfunding campaigns, and organize and participate in events. NA VCV helps Nyenrode alumni to stay connected and hold onto the Nyenrode spirit for life.

A small group of alumni, Nyenrode faculty and staff started dreaming about a better world which slowly but surely is growing into a movement that might actually start making a difference by joining forces of the network of over 27,000 people. This movement started in 2019 and will continue to grow and make noise for a long time to come.


Heleen van Hall MBA
Head of Alumni & External Relations



Nyenrode Alumni Voortgezette Compagnie van Verre (Nyenrode Alumni VCV) 


  • Founded in 1957 
  • Members: around 6.020 
  • Recipients of Van Verre Magazine: in 57 countries 
  • 30 Circles (abroad, in the Netherlands or theme-based 
  • Nyenrode Alumni VCV Website