New hospitality and catering vision


New hospitality and catering vision

After years of use, the hospitality facilities on our estate had become dated and were in need of a makeover. Our students, participants and other guests expect high-quality facilities as part of the Nyenrode experience. To better serve our visitors, we have upgraded our hospitality facilities to the desired higher level as of September 1, 2020. The aim is to create a distinctly welcoming atmosphere, provide good-quality food and drinks for all our guests, and show consideration for our surroundings.  

Fixed locations 

To improve our hospitality and service, from now on we will provide catering during breaks, lunch and dinner at fixed locations on the estate. This will simplify the logistical process and help us to further reduce our waste. These fixed locations where catering services will be provided by hosts and hostesses from our catering partner Vermaat are the Neelie Kroes Hall, the Witte Pert, the Stal at the Koetshuis, the Plesman Hotel, à la carte restaurant the Lakei, the Executive Lounge and the Mensa self-service restaurant. Only one type of concept will be offered at each catering location.  


We strive to make a sustainable contribution to the environment, both for each other and with the next generation in mind. As a large organization that is constantly growing, we are aware of the enormous impact we and our partners have on the surrounding area. This means that we select the best local and seasonal ingredients and try to waste as little food as possible. In addition, 70% of the products offered during our breaks, lunches and dinners are plant-based. Our catering menu also takes into account dietary requirements and allergies, of course.  


We encourage exercise during breaks. Exercise promotes blood circulation and maximizes learning ability. Participants walk from the education site and across the estate to the location where the reception, break, lunch or dinner is being held. This short walk never takes more than five minutes, and it offers a moment of peace, fresh air, natural beauty and exercise: an important element of the Nyenrode experience which is also good for brain activity. Afterwards, everyone can feel recharged and carry on learning. 


To make room for our new hospitality vision, a number of catering locations have undergone a transformation. The most eye-catching is the Neelie Kroes Hall, where renovations during the summer of 2020 included installing an espresso bar, updating the floor and remodeling the interior.  

As of September 1, 2020, a barista will be on hand every day during business hours to serve luxury coffee and tea at the espresso bar in the Neelie Kroes Hall. Various refreshments will be available throughout the day, such as fresh juices, breakfast items and lunchtime dishes. You can also stop by for a tasty snack. Soft drinks will no longer be offered as part of our beverage’s menu. Instead, our guests can opt for a healthy flavored syrup mixed with their choice of still or sparkling water. 

By making the above changes, we wish to provide our participants, students and visitors with a healthy, sustainable experience that is consistent with our university’s vision.