Assurance of Learning


Update on Assurance of Learning 

With Assurance of Learning (AoL) we have set up a cyclical system at Nyenrode to continuously improve our degreeprograms’ education. An AoL Committee was established in October 2018, composed of faculty members and program management staff members. René Orij is Chair of the AoL Committee. 

“There are specific learning outcomes for each program, which have been drawn up internally, or in specific cases by governmental bodies or other organizations, depending on the type of program”, René Orij explains. “These outcomes are therefore different for all degree programs at Nyenrode. With Assurance of Learning, we have now come up with a set of learning goals for Nyenrode as a whole, based upon our overarching purpose and strategy, which contains everything that we as a university consider important.” 

“The overarching learning goals also relate to our core values, in this case Leadership and Stewardship, and the bridge between science and practice that is so characteristic of Nyenrode. Those are the learning goals at the organizational level, the AoL-goals.” Entrepreneurship is intertwined with those goals, but less explicitly.  

“Those learning goals at an organizational level have been translated into objectives, which are measurable for each program. These have been specified into concrete terms, called ‘traits’. We have sub-committees for groups of programs - the MBAs, the scientific business programs, the financial programs and the PhD school.” 

“In the 2019-2020 academic year, we developed a system that allows us to monitor per degree program whether all courses jointly ensure that the students that graduate comply with what we have laid down in our strategy. The data that we collect with this should stimulate the organization to continuously improve itself in terms of education and, if necessary, to further refine our curricula.”  

“We also continue to improve our AoL measurement system with other types of criteria, mainly indirect indicators. Examples of how to measure our goals indirectly are general student satisfaction, or job market opportunities of our students.” 

René Orij continues: “I find that inspiring because with AoL we stimulate people to provide increasingly better education. AoL is an important team effort that contributes to Nyenrode generally working better as a whole. The responsibility for educational improvement lies with everyone, not just with a few individuals. Our expertise centers in which the faculty is organized are now together continuously working with the program management to reach a higher quality of education.” 

Nyenrode started AoL as part of the AACSB accreditation process, but Nyenrode is increasingly internalizing the AoL system; “We are proud of our contribution to continuous improvement, and better cooperation amongst colleagues.”