Customized & Industry Focused Solutions


Customized & Industry - Focused Solutions

The Customized & Industry-Focused Solutions programs are developed together with external parties. Specific issues of a particular organization or of an entire sector are central.  

From January 1, 2020, Customized & Industry - Focused Solutions will be led by Jessica Peters-Hondelink, previously Director of the Nyenrode Amsterdam office in Amsterdam.   

Our offer focuses on:  

Public Sector & Health (government, municipalities, provinces, education, ZBOs, NGOs, healthcare institutions)  
Jo Vincken is Sector Program Director Public Sector & Health . 

Financial Services (banks, pension funds, insurers, accountancy firms, tax authorities, private wealth)  
The Sector Program Director of Financial Services is Koen Lamp.  

Commercial Sector (FMCG, Retail, Tech Industry, Real Estate, manufacturing, etcetera)  
Jessica Peters-Hondelink will temporarily assume the role of Sector Program Director of Commercial Sector.