Professional Programs


Professional Programs

Our Professional Programs are designed for people who want to reach their highest potential and create sustainable added value for themselves and their environment. The focus is always on the practical applicability for the organization, and the program selection reflects our response to market trends. These programs are sometimes offered in collaboration with an external media partner. In 2019, new Professional Programs were launched in areas such as brand management, strategic talent management, strategic HRM, current developments in accountancy and controlling, supply chain management and neuro leadership.  

As of November 1, 2019, Kris Rote, formerly Managing Director of KWPS Consultancy and Nyenrode alumnus, will fulfill the position of Program Director of Professional Programs.  

Machine Learning Summer School  

Machine Learning is enabling a transformation in the software industry without precedents. New Machine Learning powered predictive applications are performing jobs that were previously considered exclusive to highly skilled humans. To address this market need, BigML and Nyenrode brought the first Dutch edition of the Summer School in Machine Learning to the Netherlands in July 2019.   

Strategic insight into team qualities  

To achieve optimal collaboration within teams, it is important that people contribute optimally, work as a team and complement one another. In order to improve these processes, it is helpful to have insight into one another’s qualities and challenges. If companies created teams based on this information, it would be easier to grow and accomplish goals. To promote this process, Human Insight and Nyenrode launched the AEM-Cube® Certification Training.