Faculty and research


Faculty & Research

Our researchers and teachers combine scientific depth with practical experience. The fields in which our faculty conducts research vary widely in scope. The common denominator is that all researchers focus on business. Our scientific research takes into account finding practical solutions to current challenges.  


Within Nyenrode, we have the following expertise centers

  • Center for Accounting, Auditing & Control 
  • Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax 
  • Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship 
  • Center for Marketing & Supply Chain Management 
  • Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership

We also have three institutes: 

The position of Head of Faculty has been held by Rector Magnificus Prof Dr Koen Becking. 

Update from the Research Director

“In 2018 we focused on improving the transparency of our research. We added the Eigenfactor list of journals, invited more faculty members to create their Google Scholar accounts, and reinstated the Research Council with one member from each center. The academic research output increased to 45 journal publications and book chapters (up from 21 in 2016 and 26 in 2017).

In 2019 we enhanced the ability to perform research. The faculty was organized in Scholarly Academics who receive more time for research and Practitioner Academics who focus more on teaching. Additionally, we introduced a new internal reimbursement system in which our teaching efforts are valued more appropriately, we hired additional faculty members, and we created a centralized access point for research software on our corporate website. The academic research output increase to 50 journal publications and book chapters.

In 2020 we introduced a research strategy with clear ambitions and goals for the next 5 years. We introduced Impact Cases that focus on the impact our research achieves and received 11 Impact Cases from our faculty colleagues. We held our first annual competition, in which Andre Nijhof’s Impact Case on Making Markets Work for Purpose received the most votes, narrowly beating Anke van Hal’s Sustainable Building and Job Andreoli’s Entrepreneurial Finance Impact Cases. Additionally, we added a research sabbatical into our Collective Labor Agreement, formed an Internal Review Board, and created an alternative advancement path for Law professors.

For 2021 the focus will be on enhancing collaboration among researchers at Nyenrode as well as external colleagues. We will organize research workshops on different research methodologies (in collaboration also with the PhD School) and will attempt to bring together researchers who can use each other’s expertise to jointly lift their research to the next level.

Research continues to be on the rise!"



Bo van der Rhee

Articles in Scientific Journals

Below you will find the number of publications in scientific journals in previous years as reported by faculty members by February 2021:

  • Journals rated 1 Star are modest standard journals within their field. They publish research of a recognized standard.
  • Journals rated 4 Stars are top journals in their field. They publish the most original and well-executed research. These journals typically have high submission and low acceptance rates.

Distinctions in 2019 - 2020

Herman van Brenk nominated for American award 

Early in 2020, Associate Professor Dr Herman van Brenk RA was among the top five nominees for the “Outstanding Auditing Dissertation Award” of the Auditing section within the American Accounting Association. This was announced during the Auditing Midyear Meeting in Houston, one of the most important conferences in the field of auditing. Van Brenk obtained his doctorate from Nyenrode in 2017 with his dissertation titled “Compensation Incentives and Personality Traits: Three studies on their Joint Effects on Auditor Judgment and Decision Making”.

Distinction for Danielle Zandee

Prof. dr. Danielle Zandee, professor of Sustainable Organizational Development, was honored during the Academy of Management (AoM) meeting in Boston (U.S.A.) in August 2019 for her involvement in and chairmanship of the Academy's Organization Development and Change Division. The Academy of Management is the largest "association" for academics in the field of business and management sciences. Each year, the AoM organizes an Academy Meeting that draws around 11,000 attendees from all over the world.

BAZIS-price for Vincent Blijleven

During the Mobile Healthcare Event on November 7, 2019 in Utrecht, it was announced that Vincent Blijleven, who is a postdoctoral researcher at Nyenrode, has won the 2017-2018 BAZIS prize for his thesis. Blijleven obtained his PhD in 2018 at Nyenrode with his thesis entitled "A Sociotechnical Perspective on Workarounds Emerging from Electronic Health Record System Usage in an Academic Hospital Setting".

Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence 

In 2019, the authors of the following article won the outstanding author contribution award from the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence:  Sok, J., Blomme, R.J., Lub, X.D., De Ruiter, M., & Tromp, D.M. (2018). Home to work spillover and turnover intentions: the mediating role of training and development practices.  European Journal of Training and Development, 42(3/4), 246-265. 


Other News

Paul de Blot has passed away  

Prof. Paul de Chauvigny de Blot SJ Lic. Ph. has passed away on December 15, 2019 at the age of 95. Paul de Blot was a man of many studies and full of wisdom; a great inspiration to many. Born in Central Java in 1924, he was imprisoned in a camp for several years during the turbulent Japanese occupation and the Indonesian independence. He entered the Jesuit Order in 1948 and was ordained a priest twelve years later. In 1979, he started working as a campus moderator at Nyenrode. De Blot obtained his PhD at the age of 80 and was later appointed at Nyenrode as Professor of Business Spirituality. During the Dies Natalis on November 20, 2013, he delivered his farewell speech, but even after that, as lifelong professor he remained closely connected with the university and the Nyenrode community.  

Dutch Accounting Research Conference in 2019 

After successful editions in Maastricht, Rotterdam, Tilburg, and Groningen, Nyenrode hosted the 5th Dutch Accounting Research Conference (DARC) on Monday, June 17, 2019. DARC contributes to the stimulation of scientific research in the broader area of accounting, including auditing, for scholars in the Netherlands using a one-day conference format.