PhD Graduations


PhD Graduations

On January 1st, 2021, 70 PhD students were participating in Nyenrode's doctorate program. During the academic year 2020-2021, 15 PhD students newly enrolled. During 2020 8 PhD students obtained their doctorate.


December 4th, 2020: Scott Mongeau

Dissertation: Cybersecurity Data Science: Best Practices in an Emerging Profession.

Promotor(s): Henry Robben and Andrzej Hajdasinski

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June 18th, 2020: Nika Salvetti

Dissertation: What factors influence CSR behaviours in the garment sector of Bangladesh? Appreciating the 'voice' of the local business leaders. 

Promotor(s): André Nijhof 

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June 9th, 2020: John Werkhoven

Dissertation: The use of business analytics capabilities for insight and business value creation in human resource management. 

Promotor(s): Gijs van Bussel 

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May 14th, 2020: Sander van 't Foort

Dissertation: The effectiveness of the specific instance procedure, applied by national contact points to resolve disputes within the framework of the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises. 

Promotor(s): Tineke Lambooy and Ronald Jeurissen 

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March 10th, 2020: Michiel Steeman

Dissertation: An exploratory study on supply chain finance schemes.  

Promotor(s): Pieter Klapwijk and Erik Hofmann 

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March 5th, 2020: Mike Hoogveld

Dissertation: Agile and performance; on the effects of the agile way of working in marketing on customer performance when deploying multichannel strategies. 

Promotor(s): John Koster 

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January 27th, 2020: Joep Steffes

Dissertation: Debiasing strategische besluitvorming. 

 Promotor(s): Marcel Pheijffer and Erik van de Loo 

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January 22nd, 2020: Tom Dolkens

Dissertation: Het BTB-merk als lange termijn-concurrentiewapen? 

Promotor(s): Henry Robben and Edward Groenland 

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