Our heritage


Subsidies, funds and grants

The costs of restoring, renovating and maintaining our 27 monuments naturally put a heavy strain on the budget of a private organization such as Nyenrode. Government subsidies and funds are therefore solicited if possible. 

Nyenrode Fund, which facilitates donations by alumni, has been successful in obtaining a number of subsidies for the restoration of our (national) monuments. As a result, we can ensure that several of the monuments in our cultural heritage now receive much-needed makeovers. 

Visiting the Estate

As a business university, we strive to maintain a learning environment that is as quiet and free of disruptions as possible for our guests and students. This forces us to limit entry to the estate for visitors who wish to come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Nevertheless, we offer several opportunities to do so at set times, when organizations such as the Vechtstreekmuseum, IVN (the Dutch Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability) and the local church community lead guided tours across the estate for visitors. 

Open Monuments Day

On Saturday September 14, 2019, we once again opened our doors to celebrate the annual nationwide Open Monumentendag, with university employees giving nearly 500 interested visitors a tour around the castle. Due to restrictions because of the coronavirus, Nyenrode has unfortunately had to decide not to participate in 2020. That is particularly disappointing because the theme then will be learning monuments, and the national opening takes place in our municipality of Stichtse Vecht.   

Natural conditions

Nyenrode national top location for stins plants and mushrooms  

Stins plants bloom in the spring and are commonly found on estates. Examples include snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, wild tulips and daffodils. Nyenrode is one of the best five best locations for stins plants in the country, research by FLORON (FLORistisch Onderzoek Nederland), an organization that studies the distribution of plant species, shows. FLORON recently conducted research into the best locations in the Netherlands where plant species from specific biotopes can be found.  In the past decades, no less than 1300 species of mushroom have been discovered on the estate. As a result Nyenrode is widely known within the Dutch mycological world as one of the crown jewels.  

Climate issues  

While the Netherlands is mainly seen internationally as a country of water and our vegetation has adapted to the mild climate, we are increasingly faced with periods of persistent drought with sometimes very high temperatures, alternated with moments of extremely high precipitation as a result of changing weather and climate conditions. Nyenrode also suffers from those weather outliers. They not only adversely affect the vegetation but also, for example, the foundations of the buildings.  

Nuisance in the park  

Ash dieback is also a growing problem throughout the Netherlands, and Nyenrode is also facing this issue. Many sick ash trees can be found in parts of the park and as a result, the paths there are temporarily closed for the safety of walkers. However, the main walking routes are open as usual.  

In the early summer of 2020, the nuisance from the oak processionary caterpillar in the Netherlands was less than the year before. This also applies to Nyenrode. The caterpillar has small, toxic hairs all over its body, which could lead to itching, rashes, burning eyes, and tightness in the chest. Trees housing the caterpillars are marked to warn visitors. The caterpillars are then removed by a specialized company.   

Nyenrode and Art

Art Fund Nyenrode  

Art Fund Nyenrode was founded more than five years ago by a number of Nyenrode alumni. Their goal is to bring high-quality art back to Nyenrode in the tradition of the former castle owner and art dealer Jacques Goudstikker.  

The book Nijenrode als inspiratiebron voor kunst that was published in 2018 was translated into English in 2019. The coffee table book also featured as a catalogue of the exhibition of the same name, organized by Art Fund Nyenrode in collaboration with the Vechtstreek Museum in Maarssen. The book tells about the history of the castle and features over 100 full color illustrations, including paintings from the castle collection, numerous images of the castle from the Dutch Golden Age, and pictures of art on the estate.  

In 2019-2020 Art Fund Nyenrode also hosted several art exhibitions in the Dr. Albert Heijn building. We were able to admire a selection of work from the DSM Art Collection (DSM is one of the university’s Founding Fathers) and works from the private collection of alumnus Erik Huis and his spouse Sylvia Duijm.  

Art Fund Nyenrode also organizes thematic art gatherings for invited guests.  

Art Committee  

Nyenrode Business University also has an Art Committee consisting of employees who organize special activities for employees, students, and alumni. In 2019 and 2020, for example, the Art Committee organized photo exhibitions and workshops, a haiku competition, and musical evenings.