Online presence


Nyenrode on social media

Nyenrode is active on various social platforms. Our followers receive updates on Nyenrode news, business-related articles and the Nyenrode experience of our students, alumni, professors and employees. 

Overview - online presence

In 2019-2020, we stepped up our activities on the increasingly popular platforms YouTube and Instagram. We have 2,200 followers on Weibo and we started a new account on Wechat.

Website of the year

Nyenrode won the award for 'Progress Website of the Year 2018' in the category of Education. The Nyenrode website was selected as a finalist based on its excellent user experience and innovation in applying the software. A vote was then held to determine the winner in each category. Our Nyenrode website was visited by over one million people in 2019.