Update from the Rector


Update from the Rector

The year 2020 heralds the end of the updated strategy from 2017. That was intended to run to 2020. Looking back at the plans that were formulated at that time, I think that we can be very satisfied with them. The location in Amsterdam has become a part of Nyenrode Business University, all the required accreditations have been obtained over the last strategy period, and our research has gained an impulse which will hopefully continue into the following strategy period.

An important element of the strategy over these years was the continuing digitalization, and in particular the strengthening of the digital infrastructure at Nyenrode. That has resulted in the introduction of the software for students such as OSIRIS, the implementation of the learning management system CANVAS, and also the strengthening of the infrastructure in the form of WiFi and the software required in order to offer the possibility of blended learning and teleconferencing.

Good starting position

The good financial results over the years have not only made it possible to make these investments, but also to do a lot to improve the buildings and the estate. All these elements were deemed necessary to give Nyenrode a good starting position for the following plan period within the national and international landscape of business universities.

It is all these measures and successes of the last period which have meant that it was possible - as a result of the corona pandemic and the associated measures - to close Nyenrode and fully switch over to digital education. Closing the university and suspending conventional teaching was a major blow for the university. Not only did the students feel the loss of social contact, that is so characteristic of campus life, but also the students in Amsterdam, and in particular the international students, felt the loss of the experience that they had hoped to find in a metropolis like Amsterdam. 

Efforts of many

It was also not an easy time for the teachers and the supporting staff. The transition to digital education is not straight forward, and the support and supervision of students by the program management, like so many other activities, had to take pace digitally, remotely. Thanks to the efforts of many people, Nyenrode has come through this time of crisis, admittedly with a lot of shifting of personnel, but without compulsory redundancies. 


At the end of 2019 we started devising a strategy for the next four years, with the aim of finalizing this during the summer holiday of 2020. This strategy, which involves the entire community of the university, looked like it was going to be colored by the pandemic and the accompanying necessary special measures, but it turns out that this is only partially the case. 

Blended learning, digital education and location-independent working were all elements which had been set in motion before the pandemic but have had to undergo massive acceleration as a result of the necessary measures. Thanks to everyone, the acceleration has been achieved and has meant that in the summer of 2020 most of our students have been able to receive their diploma on time. 

Prof Dr Miša Džoljić
Rector Magnificus


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