Modular Executive MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions

Modules MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions


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Executive Education Workshop 25 Business Ethics in context - MBA module Business & Sustainable Transitions

Business Ethics in context - MBA module Business & Sustainable Transitions

Part-time | Dutch | Autumn 2021
Explore the interfaces between market, law and ethics. Part of the Modular MBA Business & Sustainable Transitions
EMBA Business Processes and Technology - MBA module Business & Sustainable Transitions

Business Processes and Technology - MBA module Business & Sustainable Transitions

Part-time | Dutch | 14 September 2020
The module Business Processes and Technology looks at business processes and technology's role therein. Part of the Modular Executive MBA Business & Sustainable Transitions
Executive Education 9 Cooperation and Leadership - MBA Module Business & Sustainable Transitions

Cooperation and Leadership - MBA Module Business & Sustainable Transitions

Part-time | Dutch | 3/10/2021
This module provides both a framework for understanding the many forces that influence behavior in organizations and ways of managing and influencing individual and group behavior in organizations. The objective of the module is to become aware of yourself in context.

Why an MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions?

  • Learn to determine strategy
  • Learn how to tackle society's challanges a complex world
  • Learn to establish partnerships that enable sustainable transition

Since its inception in 2007, this track of our modular Executive MBA – focused on finance, food and innovation – has developed into the broader Executive MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions. Sustainability is not just a leading theme in the food sector, it is applicable to all industries. The Dutch have since long held the reputation of being excellent tradesmen. This position as a global front runner comes with obligations; after all: noblesse oblige.

Today, we continue to train our students in the application of the latest insights, such as integral chain management. Not just in the for the Netherlands vital agrifood business – with an annual export worth € 90 bn. – but also in the supply chain, energy, retail and transport sectors. With the conviction that market development and sustainability are 2 sides of the same coin.

Our world is becoming increasingly complex, and organizations that do not keep up with innovation are unlikely to survive. The 'winners' will be those companies with a forward-looking strategy, based on vision. A keyword in this is cooperation within and between value chains.

Further, a number of standards have been set, such as the ISO 26000 certification, and the UN has determined the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), giving corporations opportunities to contribute to solving global issues. The 17 SDGs offer businesses a practical toolbox of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunities. The challenge for most companies is combining daily operations with achieving social impact. That is why this MBA connects business development, market development and sustainability.

The transition from linear to circular economy, organizing reuse of commodities and energy, and current business developments require the knowledge and skills to operate strategically. Leadership these days includes the skills to establish partnerships that were previously not necessary to achieve corporate goals. As well as the skills to deal with partners within (and outside) our own value chain, we are expected to deal with the internal organization being intensely affected by outside developments.

Nyenrode's Modular MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions offers you a complete set of modules that allow you to analyze these future developments at an academic level. The end goal of the transition: making businesses future-proof. From maximizing profits to multiple value-creation through corporate initiative and ethical/pro-active operation.

The Modular Executive MBA consists of:

  • 6 basic modules
  • 2 specialisation modules
  • 1 international study trip
  • Masterthesis

All 10 modules form a coordinated package that leads to an accredited Executive MBA title. It is also possible to follow only one or more modules. Each module is concluded with a final paper and provides a certificate.


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