Tax Data Science

In short

  • Breukelen
  • Spring 2020
  • five blocks of two days
  • day one: 12.45-21.30 and day 2: 9.00-15.45
  • English
  • € 12.900 (VAT exempt)

Tax Data Science

During the program you will learn about:

  • Data Science: data collection, processing, cleansing, modelling, analyzing and reporting – and the underlying mathematics, statistics and information science.
  • The latest developments in relevant tax technologies and tools like (Big) Data Analytics, Data visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Langue Processing, chat bots, block chain, etc.
  • The latest developments in International Tax Law driving data growth and the need for Data Science, such as BEPS, CbCr, FATCA, AEoI, CRS, etc.
  • Relevant organizational topics like digital transformation, agility and scrum, and legal topics like the EU Data Protection Directive.

After completion of the program, you are able to:

  • work with the accuracy of a data scientist;
  • design solutions to questions that do not have an answer yet;
  • work in international teams across jurisdictions;
  • deal with effects and (unintended) side-effects of digitization of tax;
  • implement solutions in a politicized environment.
  • The only program that teaches Data Science specifically for tax professionals
  • Lectures from international experts
  • Combining theory, best practice and state of the art tools


Our Tax Data Science program consists of a series of lectures by top experts in their fields. Next to academic quality, Nyenrode aims to transfer practical insights and skills, which will be reflected in the selection of lecturers.

To integrate the lectures, you will work in teams solving unanswered, future-oriented challenges using action research. We determine the challenges in collaboration with the participants and their sponsors.

  • dr. Ruud Wetzels - consultant PwC
  • Willem van Asperen MSc
  • Martin Rabenort - partner Tax Management Consulting at Deloitte
  • dr. Romke Bontekoe
  • prof. dr. Jacques de Swart MBA - professor of Applied Mathematics at Nyenrode Business Universiteit and consultant at PwC Advisor
  • drs. Bernd Veldman RA
  • Natalie Speet - opleidingsdirecteur BSc Fiscale Economie en universitair hoofddocent bij Universiteit van Amsterdam, beleidsmedewerker bij ministerie van Financiën

In our Tax Data Science program, experts give their vision and tell you form their own experience about the main principles and insights in this field.

The Modules center on:

  • Introducing Data Science in the world of taxes, with a focus on core Data Science concepts and how to set up data-driven action research.
  • Deep-diving into working with raw data. Learning to ingest and analyze data sets using statistical programs like R. Working on developing working prototypes using AI and Machine Learning.
  • Focusing on applying Data Science to the latest tax topics. International best practices.
  • Integrating Tax and Data Science, organizational and legal contexts, and strengthening your relevant consultative skills.
  • Group and individual presentations and workshops based on the action research conducted during the program. For this, selected international thought leaders as well as the participants' sponsors, will be invited to join and give feedback on findings.

Subject to change.

You will be coached throughout the program to support your personal development, integrate the content, and translate newly acquired knowledge into better workplace performance.

You will be assessed based on your team's action research as well as an individual assignment.

For whom?

The program targets a mix of:

  • Tax experts within companies;
  • Tax experts within tax authorities;
  • Finance and IT experts working on tax issues;
  • Tax consultants;
  • Tax experts within technology companies.

You need to have relevant knowledge and/or experience in either tax or data science and show a high motivation to be selected for this program. The maximum number of participants is 20.


We are currently working on the redevelopment of the program. We expect to start the program in the spring of 2020. Once the dates are known, you will read them here.

Are you interested in the program? Contact program coordinator Carlijn Kappelle via She is also happy to help you with other questions.

What are the costs?

Your investment for this program is € 12,900. This amount is exempt from VAT and includes course materials as well as food and drink on course days. It excludes overnight stays in our hotel.

Is your employer paying? Please indicate so on your registration form, stating your employer's project or order number (when applicable).