Stand for your dreams

Jorian Schol, management trainee and optimist

Fresh off graduation, Jorian Schol has both feet planted firmly on the ground. “You can say that you want to become the richest person in the world, but it’s much more important to be happy.” After completing his MSc in Management, Jorian recently found a job as a management trainee in the healthcare sector, where he can work together with others to start building something.

It was during Jorian’s previous work as a speech therapist that he realized he would like to build something with others. “Speech therapy is wonderful work, but the big disadvantage is that you’re always working alone. I wasn’t able to learn from others. At Nyenrode, that’s really a core element. I love inspiring people and achieving results together.” After his job as a speech therapist, he stepped into a completely different world at Nyenrode. “My main dream is to live my life to the fullest,” Jorian says. “I’m 27 now. Once I’m 80 years old, that’s it. You only get a few years to do your thing. I want to make the most of it and enjoy life as much as possible.”

Valuable relationships

What will stay with Jorian the most are the valuable relationships he has gained. “When I started here, I didn’t know anything. And I went through a lot— not just the study program itself, but also in terms of the social life on campus. That’s how you learn to achieve something, which makes you better prepared to deal with unexpected situations later in life and teaches you to take responsibility. I think that’s exactly what has given me the self-confidence to believe I can do something good. On top of that, it’s also brought me friendships for life.”

Positive approach

Above all, Jorian learned at Nyenrode that you can achieve much more with a positive and optimistic approach: “I’m a huge optimist. My dream is for everyone to start with a positive and optimistic mindset to try something first. That’s how you learn that it’s not wrong to fail, and that you can go about things in a different way. You learn to stand for who you are. Campus life plays an important role in this. I was on a committee that represents Nyenrode at open days and external events. That makes you feel very involved and proud of where you are and what you are a part of.”


Unforgettable experience

In Jorian’s opinion, you should choose Nyenrode if you dream of having an unforgettable experience. “No other campus in the Netherlands offers the wide diversity you’ll find at Nyenrode. And it’s not just about studying. You’re thrown into the deep end and you get every chance to develop yourself personally and professionally. There are numerous opportunities that you can learn a lot from.”


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