Prof. dr. Bert Kersten

Bert Kersten
  • Bedrijfsprocessen & technologie
  • Impact ICT op mensen en organisaties
  • Bedrijfsprocessen & technologie
  • Datagestuurde Bedrijfsmodellen
  • Zakelijke Innovaties
My passion is to help organizations and people to advance. In this quest, I consider knowledge gaining and sharing as the key for sustainable growth both in economic terms as in community building.

Technology is one of the thrilling powers in human activities. It changes our way of working, our way of interacting, our way of production, our perspective of life. So how do we adapt? This requires leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship.

Bert loves to lecture at Nyenrode as his students are business managers who have experience and are mature. They have their own opinion and perspective. That is a great foundation to build upon and set the next step in the growth of their business and organization.

Being a math by education, Bert worked for many years in statistics and got his PhD on the problem of nonresponse at the University of Amsterdam. He worked for Rabobank as executive in business improvement and as a strategist. Also he worked for 12 years at an ICT-company as consulting director. Besides being a professor in business math (Free University Amsterdam (1992 – 2012), he lectures as an professor in Antwerp at the Faculty for the Comparative Study of Religions.

Secondary positions

  • Chairman of the Jury for the annual Humanized Technology Award
  • Director at Kersten Perspectief Advies Inc, a consulting firm
  • Member of the Board of the Stichting Neurale Netwerken


Bert sees a human as being a soul and having a body. Both aspects need food, growth and attention. As a bahá’í, he sees the earth as one country and he wants to contribute to the wellbeing of its inhabitants.