Monique de Ritter is a researcher and PhD candidate at the Strategy Center of Nyenrode Business Universiteit since July 2014, on a Marie Curie Grant of the European Commission
and part of the ABIS (Academy for Business in Society)  network 'Innovation for Sustainability' (I4S). Other members of this I4S ABIS network include participants of
Copenhagen Business School, University of Exeter, Universität Lüneburg, University of Manchester, RSM Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School,
and the University of Capetown.
Monique focuses in her research on objective driven enterprises in ecosystems as a driver for sustainable system change. In her research she closely collaborates with partners
in the ABIS I4S network and business partners in the Netherlands such as MeetingMoreMinds and Kirkman Company.
Monique has a background in interdisciplinary social sciences with a focus on social and organisational psychology. She holds a Research MSc in Social and Behavioural Sciences
(specialization track in Social and Organisational Psychology) from the University of Groningen (2011) and a BA in Social Sciences (tracks in psychology, political science,
and anthropology; cum laude) from University College Roosevelt, Utrecht University (2008).  Prior to her work at Nyenrode she has inter alia worked as teaching assistant at
the University of Groningen; consultant at MeetingMoreMinds;  project-based HR officer at Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO); and HR Analyst at the
European Central Bank (ECB) in the Leadership and Management Development Team. Here she was co-responsible for the development, procurement and fine-tuning with providers of
executive education programmes for ECB management and a programme for women, for which she has closely collaborated with various business schools in Europe.
Generally, Monique is passionate about studying and generating of positive change and sustainable impact on individual, organisational, and societal level through combining
knowledge and experience of various disciplines and sectors with an action-oriented research approach.

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