Citrix information

Nyenrode staff members use Citrix as work environment. The Nyenrode virtual desktop can be used from any location. To connect, you first need to download and install one or two files, depending on the operating system you're working on. When working on Windows, you only need the receiver. When working on a Mac, you need both the Citrix Receiver and the Nyenrode certificate.

To download the Citrix receiver, click HERE.
To download the certificate, click HERE.

Once installed, you can access your Nyenrode desktop environment,
go to and follow the steps.

Please note that the Nyenrode environment is built to work in Internet Explorer. You could also open the environment in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but for the best experience we strongly suggest to use Internet Explorer. Mac user? Use Safari.

In case you need help you can contact the Nyenrode ICT Helpdesk. You can reach us at or give us a call on +31(0)346291288, on work days from 08:30AM until 05:00PM CET. Check our local time HERE.

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