Sculptures: Art as a Metaphor

The year 2011-2012 was the year of Nyenrode’s 65th anniversary. A joyful event which was commemorated in many ways. For this occassion several-meter-high bronze sculptures by the renowned sculptor Pieter Kortekaas have been installed on the Nyenrode estate. He has loaned these sculptures to Nyenrode for the next five years. They were unveiled over the course of the anniversary year by different groups of Nyenrode stakeholders and relations.

Kortekaas's works of art encapsulate human and spiritual strength and energy. The bronze sculptures are a metaphor for the new direction in leadership and entrepreneurship. They are intended to serve as a source of inspiration for the students, employees and alumni of the university. 

The first sculpture that was unveiled was 'The Conversation'.
The other sculptures are named:
• Tulip Vases
• The Temple
• Strength
• King's Throne
Gesprek 3.jpg
The Conversation  

Sculptor Pieter Kortekaas about ‘The Conversation’:
‘How do you interact with others and yourself? These sculptures are an invitation to communicate, an incentive to express yourself. First of all, I attempted to devise the shape: what is the representation of inner strength? Every person has a masculine, a feminine and a neutral component and, together, these elements form a unit. Communicating with one another is the only way to achieve something.’
                 Tulpenvazen 1 - klein.jpg                                                   
Tulip Vases
Kortekaas:The tulip is a symbol of pure simplicity, strength and beauty, when budding, in full bloom and in dying. Optimism as the herald of spring, complete materialization in bloom and the harmonious peace of death.’ 
Koningsstoel 2 klein.jpg

Tulip Vases

King's Throne
Kortekaas: ‘What can a person become? What is a person's true value? Where do a person's roots lie? You, personally, are king and you take full advantage of the great potential you have, a king that exudes harmony and confidence. This state of being lies within everyone's grasp.’
                                                                                                    King's Throne

Tempel 1 klein.jpg
The Temple
Kortekaas:‘The Temple is a visual quotation from the Karnak Temple (Egypt). I wanted to convey the feeling a visitor experiences when he or she visits the temple. The essence of the temple is conveyed, rigid and simple, scaled back to its ultimate strength.’

The Temple

Kracht 1 klein.jpg

Kortekaas: ‘This sculpture reflects the strength of the true self of a person who can work in harmony. Dignified, yet not silenced. Strength appeals to people's inner motivations. The sculpture references the type of people who want to come to Nyenrode; it is in keeping with the typical way of doing things here at Nyenrode.’
All-Global Movement
The unveiling of the sculptures also constitutes the first stage of a major international project entitled “All-Global Movement”, through which Nyenrode, designer and initiator Pieter Kortekaas and co-initiator Erik Huis wish to reach beyond the borders of the Netherlands and spread the universal concept of conscious Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship across the globe.


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