Program structure

During each business practice, you will be part of integrated case studies and in-company projects where you will apply the skills learned in class.
Each Business Practice involves collaborative faculty acting as business advisors and addressing numerous business disciplines. This way you will be already geared up for business, while you are studying.
  • Fundamentals of Business and Management 
    Acquire a practical understanding of the key “hard” disciplines of sustainable business management.  

  • Organizational Dynamics and Talent Management Copenhagen.PNG
    (including European Immersion Module: Copenhagen)
    Learn how to intervene in the corporate system to create a high performance culture.
  •  Value Chain Optimization and Operational Excellence Dublin.PNG
    (including European Immersion Module: Dublin)
    Integrate the interests of all stakeholders in the production process of goods and services.
  • Strategic finance London.PNG
    (including European Immersion Module: Zurich)
    Develop a critical thinking approach to financial information and tools. Experience how strategic financial matters are approached on the complex European Union setting while participating in 2-day visit to top financial institutions in Zurich.
  • Digitalization, Information, Innovation and Meet the CEO Milan.PNG
    (including European Immersion Module: Milan)
    Comprehend the impact of technology and digitalization in business. Utilize this to drive innovation in business with real-life projects.
    During our Meet the CEO sessions you will challenge and be challenged by top executives of all sorts of companies.

    ''Unlike regular fixed assignments, each Meet the CEO session gives students the freedom to look deep inside a company, understand how it works and make suggestions. It helps the students leverage the immense diversity in the cohort and to supplement multiple perspectives to approach a problem'' 

                                    Prof. Dr. Désirée van Gorp, leader of Meet the CEO sessions.
  • Strategy, Markets, Globalization and Competitiveness Brussels.PNG
    (including European Immersion Module: Brussels)
    Become a strategic thinker and effective executors of strategies which contribute to building a sustainable enterprise within a globalized and competitive context.
  • Personal Leadership Development
    Become the best leader you can be. Discover how to develop your personal authentic leadership and to exercise positive influence that drives performance of self, others, organizations and society.
  • Final Graduation Project
    You will complete a final graduation project together with one of your classmates and under the guidance of a faculty supervisor.

Learn more about your Career and Personal Development during and after your full-time MBA.
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