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Nyenrode Business Universiteit has created an environment in which ambitious and talented students and bright academics are all dedicated to bridging the gap between academic rigor and daily business knowledge. We do this by being highly selective and by focusing on candidates' motivation and social skills. Nyenrode covers the spectrum from action focused learning through to work-integrated education and to education-integrated work. Below you can read more about our believes.

We offer programs at different levels.

Best results
Nyenrode’s result-oriented and personal approach brings out the best in each one of our students and the participants of our programs. We are proud that they have honored us with the recognitions of Best Masters (Keuzegids Masters 2017) and the Best Open Executive Programs (Financial Times Ranking).
Head, heart, hands
Nyenrode’s educational purposes are beyond the mere transfer of knowledge. They are deepened by aspects like analysis of processes, understanding the circumstances of occurrings and the possession of practical insights. We mix profound knowledge with contextual intelligence and skill set development (Head, Heart, Hands).​
Life long learning
Nyenrode embraces the concept of life long learning. Whether students are professionals with management aspirations, bachelors with an urge to proceed or Board Members with dilemmas at that operating level, for every responsibility and knowledge level Nyenrode has experienced and top level trainers, academics and programs. ​

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