Program Overview

In Nyenrode's Individual PhD-track you will attend a number of courses that provide you with key skills and knowledge required for your academic progress. Your course program will be compiled in consultation with your supervisor and the program director. The courses vary in length, will end with an assignment, and are accredited with ECTS points. They will be organized by Nyenrode or by other recommendable institutions. 

The following courses are mandatory for all students in the Individual PhD-track. For information on other recommendable courses organized by external institutions, please contact our Academic Services Center.

Time schedule courses 2017 

  •  Life as a promotion candidate (1 ECTS)
    This course is a general introduction to the Individual PhD-track. You will have the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with previous PhD-candidates.
    Course details
  • Philosophy of science and related research approaches (5 ECTS)
    A number of questions will be covered in this course. What is knowledge? Is a researcher in a good position to collect it? How are knowledge, reality and truth interrelated? And what are the consequences for your approach to research and your PhD-research in particular? Course details
  • Research design and planning (4 ECTS)
    In this course we will address issues such as: what is a ‘good’ research question? How can it be distilled and framed using literature? Is there a link with the general research approach you endorse in doing so? And what is the link with a whole variety of research methods that can be chosen from as a consequence? Apart from covering these issues, we will also demonstrate how they find their way in a typical research proposal. Course details
  • Quantitative research methods (5 ECTS)
    This course offers a basic introduction to working with quantitative methods, and the writing-up of the results of their application. The course is characterized by a strong ‘hands on’ character. We will use the statistical software package SPSS to accommodate the latter. Several additional sessions (primers) on structural equation modeling (SEM) and experiments will also be organized for candidates who are interested in these methods. Course details
  • Academic writing skills (1 ECTS)
    The Academic Writing Skills workshop will deal with academic writing styles and conventions in English, and focus on specific parts that are typically contained in a PHD-thesis, such as the Introduction and the literature review. Attention will also be paid to keeping track of the line of reasoning, describing data such as questionnaire results and graphs, and APA-style rules. Course details

One-to-one guidance and supervision
Every year, meetings between a representative of Nyenrode’s doctorate program, the supervisor, and the candidate will be arranged. In these sessions, we will assess if and how far progress has been made, and if we can provide assistance to extend a candidate's prowess. In case a candidate or supervisor feels the need to plan a meeting him-/herself, this can also be facilitated.

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