Nyenrode How does IT work? IT Governance and competent board

How do the executive board and the supervisory board contribute to a solid IT leadership position? What factors can influence the impact of board IT competence on business performance?

Importance of IT Governance

With the increasing importance of IT, the importance of IT Governance is also increasing. Organizations that have stronger IT Governance perform better, both by financial and non-financial measures. Also, shareholders and other stakeholders increasingly value the strategic importance of IT-competent Governance. However, little is known about how an IT-competent executive board and supervisory board, as a strategic decision-making and monitoring body, impact organizational performance. These boards are the bodies that run a company. We therefore see a strong link with the Nyenrode value Leadership. Nyenrode also values responsible leadership; responsible leaders pay attention to the opportunities but also the risks that IT offers for the company. 

We focus on questions such as: How do the executive and supervisory board contribute to solid IT leadership? How do board dynamics influence IT value? What factors can influence the impact of the board's IT competency on business performance? With this research on IT governance, we want to contribute to the insights into the role that IT governance plays in business and how you can give it a proper interpretation as board member. It is also important for executive and supervisory boards to know what it takes to deal with emerging technologies and collaborations in which IT plays an important role.  

Added value

We believe it is important to do relevant research that advances both science and practice in the promising and rapidly growing field of IT. With our research we hope to add value to this, for two reasons.

First, we are both professors in the field of IT and supervisory board members, and thus operate at the interface of science and practice.

Second, the Netherlands has many companies and a good reputation in the Tech industry and is also at the forefront in the field of cyber-security. Top Dutch companies in the field are Adyen, ASML, Booking.com, Catawiki, Coolblue, Elastic, GitLab, Interxion, KPN, Logica, MediaMonks, Mollie, Ohpen, Philips, Picnic, Thuisbezorgd.nl, WeTransfer and many others. ASML, for example, is a world market leader. This leading position in the technical field can be further enhanced by leveraging this knowledge of executive and supervisory boards.

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