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Our students want to get the best out of themselves. Are you eager to create sustainable added value for yourself, your company, and society as a whole? Then you're more than welcome!

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Through the combination of academic theory, practical relevance, and personal development, our MBA-programs offer you 'a reward for life'. Are you ready for the next step in your career?

With a Nyenrode MBA, you gain much more than a title or supreme academic knowledge and skills. You will go on a journey, during which you discover your personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and learn how to apply scientific theory to your daily practice. And because Nyenrode and its alumni are such a close-knit community, you will also gain a large and valuable network.

Are you at the beginning of your career, do you want to take the next step or are you looking to deepen or broaden your field of expertise? Nyenrode's MBA's are designed to always fit your personal situation and professional goals. So choose the MBA that suits you best: full-time, executive or modular

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Full-time, executive or modular? Choose an MBA that fits you!

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Executive MBA banner image 3 Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT

Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT

Part-time | English | Spring & Autumn
The Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT focuses on technology as the driver of your business.
Executive MBA banner image Modular Executive MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions

Modular Executive MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions

Part-time | Dutch | Spring & Autumn
The Modular Executive MBA in Business & Sustainable Transitions focuses on transitions underway around sustainability.
Executive MBA banner image 2 Modular Executive MBA in Public & Private

Modular Executive MBA in Public & Private

Part-time | Dutch | Spring & Autumn
In the Public & Private MBA, you will bridge the gap between public and private with a focus on the cultural differences.
IMBA Main Image 03-min Impact MBA

Impact MBA

Full-time and Part-time | English | March and September 2025
The Impact MBA is designed to prepare you for the next step in your career and to become a leader fit for a sustainable and technological future.
IMBA Main Image 01-min Impact MBA Executive Track

Impact MBA Executive Track

Part-time | English | March 2025
The Impact MBA Executive Track is a two-year part-time boost to your personal development.
IMBA Main Image 02-min Impact MBA Fast Track

Impact MBA Fast Track

Full-time | English | September 2025
The Impact MBA Fast Track is a one-year full-time accelerator for your personal development.

The full-time MBA is located in the historic 'De Vijf Keizers' on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. This special location in the business-heart of Europe stimulates the connection between business and academia and contributes to our national and international ambitions. You'll get a first-hand experience of the Dutch influence on global business and trade and discover the growing number of international companies and scale-ups based in the Netherlands. On top of that, you'll experience business in Europe during two-day company visits to European cities like Prague, Bologna, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Valencia

The program of our part-time MBA's, the Executive MBA and the Modular Executive MBA, takes place at a historic estate with a thirteenth-century castle in Breukelen. Here the emphasis is on the importance of living together, working together and networking for the development of responsible leaders.

Lourens Keers

Alumnus Executive MBA
The Executive MBA brought me from boardroom meetings in Beijing, to collaborations with entrepreneurs in the townships of Capetown.
Remi Caron

Remi Caron

Modular Executive MBA Alumnus
My opinion is that if you are going to do an MBA you should choose a well-known and respected institute: Nyenrode.

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Executive MBA

Lisette Stok

Lisette Stok

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Full-time MBA

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Carola Paulusma

Program Advisor

Modular MBA

Annemarie Hazeu

Program Advisor