Confidential advisors

The confidential advisors are available to answer any questions, problems, or doubts about (scientific) integrity and inappropriate conduct. Confidential advisors are a sounding board, advisor, supervisor, and referrer. They are trained to deal with integrity issues and to support employees in case misconduct takes place. They offer a sympathetic ear and can advise and assist in any further steps to be taken. 

The confidential advisors are independent and objective. They have a duty of confidentiality, so what you say remains confidential. Do you have a question or do you just want to vent: then drop by, call, or send us an email. The confidential advisors ensure a safe and confidential environment! 


Integrity issues include, for example, conflicts of interest, misuse of power, dealing with confidential information, or financial violations. The confidential advisors can: 

  • inform about the rules, procedures, and agreements;
  • offer shelter and a sympathetic ear;
  • think about integrity dilemmas;
  • give advice on how to deal with certain knowledge or suspected violations of integrity in the organization;
  • listen to the employee whose integrity is at stake, and give advice on how to deal with the situation;
  • offer support if the employee wants to report.  

Unacceptable Behavior 

Unacceptable behavior involves discrimination, bullying, (sexual) harassment, or aggression/violence. In these cases, the confidential advisors can: 

  • offer a sympathetic ear;
  • help brainstorm and give advice;
  • provide childcare support;
  • organize a meeting with, for example, an independent third party or a manager;
  • refer to specialized emergency services (if desired);
  • support and guide the employee in filing a complaint about the unacceptable behavior with the Complaints Committee. 

Scientific Integrity

You can contact the Confidential Advisor for Scientific Integrity with questions and complaints on a violation of scientific integrity. His/her task is to act as an accessible first point of contact and counselor if someone is of the opinion that the Scientific Integrity of a member of the faculty at Nyenrode Business Unversiteit is violated and is considering submitting a complaint about this to the Scientific Integrity Complaints Committee. The confidential advisor tries to mediate if he/she sees opportunities to do so. If there is no possibility for this, the confidential advisor will identify the complaint and, where appropriate, contribute to the formulation of the complaint. 

Confidential Advisors

Drs. Laurien Kooij

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Cees Hilkman

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