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Progress always begins with the need to investigate and solve problems. At Nyenrode research is often about solving current social issues that we link to our core values; Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship.

Strengthen the academic foundation

One of our strategic goals is to achieve societal impact and thereby strengthen the academic foundation. We do that with scientific research. Research is essential to tackle the societal challenges we face in the Netherlands. It is even more important for Nyenrode than for other universities that we receive contributions from private individuals and companies, because Nyenrode does not receive any government funding for its research.

On this page you will find three examples of relevant research topics.

How to organize innovation capabilities?

Organizing innovation capabilities requires responsible leaders that are interested in new solutions for society.

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Degrowth and Sustainable Organizations

While the degrowth transition has been studied thoroughly as a political and societal phenomenon, we need more insights in how it can be operationalized at the level of organizations (especially current for-profit businesses).

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How does IT work? IT Governance and competent boards

How do the executive board and the supervisory board contribute to a solid IT leadership position? What factors can influence the impact of board IT competence on business performance?

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Michiel Munneke

Michiel Munneke

Director Development

Support our research

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable future with us? Then become a donor of the Nyenrode Research Fund and donate to these studies. Every gift, big and small, makes a difference. Thank you very much!


Contributions in any amount are welcome and help to support talented students to come to Nyenrode. For donations to Stichting Nyenrode Fonds you can remit your donation to our ABN AMRO bank account

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Donations from US alumni will be transferred through AFNU. You can make a donation by electronic transfer (Paypal) of make out a check to AFNU.

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