Radical Thinkers conference series

New visions that challenge conventional ideas of business and society
Are you interested in unorthodox perspectives on growth, capitalism, marketing or ethics? Curious for new visions that challenge conventional ideas of business and society? Then Radical Thinkers series is the perfect place for you. Let’s explore with other free thinkers new horizons and have ideas run wild!

Changing our perspectives starts with radical ideas

Welcome to the Radical Thinkers conference series - where daring ideas meet visionary perspectives. We explore a future economy where both people and nature thrive, challenge conventional notions of growth, capitalism, marketing, and ethics.

At the Radical Thinkers series, we believe that changing the world starts with changing our perspectives. We are committed to shaping responsible leaders by offering a platform for multiple viewpoints on the complex social and environmental challenges of our world. Join us as we push the boundaries of business, society, and ecology, one perspective at a time.

Last episode: 'How spirituality can shape the business world'

In the last episode, Prof. Dr. Sharda Nandram (Professor of Business & Spirituality at Nyenrode Business University) gave an introductory lecture on how spirituality can shape the business world.

In this lecture, the audience is encouraged to reflect on the core of the discipline of spirituality and how it can transform the way we approach business. By delving into questions like “Who are we?” and “Why do we exist?” in the context of work, the webinar offers radical yet enlightening insights. So, if you want to gain a fresh perspective on the spiritual dimension of business, watch the recorded lecture and be prepared for some radical insights that we may encounter along the way.

Previous episodes of the Radical Thinkers Series

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  • 'The position of humans among the livings' with Martin Drenthen (Environmental Philosopher) Watch his lecture
  • 'Degrowth' with Timothée Parrique (Ecological Economist, researcher at the School of Economics and Management of Lund University in Sweden) Watch his lecture