Research with Impact: Entrepeneurship

Impact cases

At Nyenrode, we understand Entrepreneurship as “With a creative mind and a proactive attitude, discerning opportunities in uncertainties and daring to put yourself in the spotlight by doing things differently and actively looking for innovation.

We recognize that the (business) community needs people who have a positive attitude towards innovation, risk‐taking, getting things done in order to compete in an ever‐changing marketplace and pursuing opportunities regardless of the limited resources they control; people who recognize the decisive moment where they can make a meaningful contribution and have both the courage and ability to seize that moment. Although entrepreneurial posture is mostly associated with business startup or business ownership, it is also important that people are entrepreneurial when working at existing organizations.

Organizations, just like people, can be entrepreneurial as well. Organizations that are innovative, looking for novel solutions to important problems and new ways of organizing are considered as entrepreneurial. Nyenrode’s education and research ambitions are focused on helping people and organizations to become more entrepreneurial, by building their ability to successfully pursue opportunities in an innovative way as well as on investigating how this is enacted in practice. Being entrepreneurial requires a mindset open for innovation and risk-taking to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

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