Prof. dr. André Wierdsma (emeritus)

Andre Wierdsma portret
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Learning Organization
André Wierdsma is Emeritus Professor of Organization & Co-creation. He teaches within the field of Management and Organization with a focus on organizational dynamics. His area’s of expertise are: the learning organization, management of change, complex decisionmaking and groupdynamics, interdepartemental cooperation and leadership.
He is involved with and responsible for a large number of Nyenrode's 'in-company' programs van leading companies at the Nyenrode Executive and Management Development Center. He is an oft-requested and respected speaker at (international) management conferences known for his inspiring style.
He gained acclaim as co-author of the book 'Op weg naar een lerende organisatie' (Becoming a learning organization) (1999), an award winning book. His book Co-creatie van veranderingen 1999 (Co-creating Change) offers a conceptual framework and a method for introducing change in situations in which the 'known' change methods are ineffective (Delft: Eburon). It was nominated as ‘best book of the year’ by the Society of Organizational Consultants.The leading thought is that organizing and changing are only inspiring and meaningful for people if they have been part of the process of meaning creation. 'Lerend organiseren' (Organizing for learning ) 2002 is his latest book.
He is a visiting professor for various domestic and international Executive and MBA programs, including CEIBS in China (since 1986) and SIMI in Denmark(since 1996). Wide experience in Executive Education and conducted workshops on the learning organizations and management of change all around the world. 
André studied business studies at Nyenrode, and after two years at Philips, Organization and Clinical Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam where he graduated cum laude. Since 1978 he has worked at Nyenrode and is one of the founders of the Executive and Management Development Center (EMDC). He previously was Program Director of the Nyenrode Executive MBA (Nemba 1986-1993), Director ‘In-company programs (1993-2002) and Program Director of the Advanced Management Program (AMP 2003-2010).