Dr. Anastasiia Belyaeva

Assistant Professor
Anastasiia Belyaeva
  • Communication
  • Academic Writing Skills
The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.

Anastasiia Belyaeva an Assistant Professor in Communication Skills and Academic Writing at the Center for Strategy, Organization & LeadershipHer main role at Nyenrode is to help students develop critical thinking skills, increase effectiveness in communicating, and apply communication techniques in integrative settings. 

Belyaeva thinks the most rewarding component of teaching is equipping students with communication and problem-solving skills that make a difference to how they experience academia and how confident they become in business context. 

Before joining Nyenrode, Belyaeva held the academic positions of Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Communication and Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Purposes at Zaporizhzhia National University, Ukraine. She has been teaching English for Business, English for Professional Purposes, and Academic Writing at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for more than 15 years. Belyaeva gave General English and Business English classes to adult learners  and provided corporate language training for IT professionals.

 The classroom materials she designs are aimed at helping students to master language competencies relevant for the instruction and research in their specialization. Therefore, the learners are able to access academic sources as well as carry out professional activities dealing with communication challenges encountered in the workplace.   

Her mission at Nyenrode is to help students increase their leadership competence  as they  improve their communication skills. Her role involves guiding future responsible leaders in their journey to discover how to use language as their most tangible tool for achieving outcomes advantageous to all parties.


Belyaeva's main hobbies are fitness, long walks and short trips, developing vocabulary games and interactive tasks for her blog for language learners AllProfessionalEnglish and trying to learn coding.

Most relevant publications

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