Vincent Blijleven is a postdoctoral researcher at Nyenrode Business Universiteit within the Center for Marketing and Supply Chain Management. He specializes in digital innovation and transformation with a focus on digitization strategies, workarounds, operations development, customer experience strategy and execution, and lean and agile transformations.

He has published on these and other topics in leading international academic journals such as the International Journal of Medical Informatics, Journal of Medical Internet Research: Human Factors, and Information Technology & People. Furthermore, he has presented his work at multiple international conferences and has published two books.

Vincent graduated in Business Informatics (cum laude) from Utrecht University, and subsequently obtained a Ph.D. in 2018 at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and supported by among others Achmea, ABN AMRO, and McKinsey & Company. His Ph.D. research focused on the identification, analysis and resolution of workarounds emerging from information system usage, and lean IT transformations.

He received multiple awards for his research including best journal article in the field of medical informatics in 2018 (2018 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics), the bi-yearly BAZIS prize for best Ph.D. research in the field of clinical informatics, public health and eHealth for the years 2017 and 2018, and the Human Factors NL 2016-2019 Dissertation Award.

Secondary positions

  • Product Owner / Product Manager at Athlon International, part of Daimler Mobility AG
  • Owner at Blijleven Consulting


His hobbies are cycling, economics, mountain biking running, traveling.

Most relevant publications

  • Blijleven, V., Koelemeijer, K., & Jaspers, M. (2019). SEWA: A framework for sociotechnical analysis of electronic health record system workarounds. International Journal of Medical Informatics125, 71-78.
  • Blijleven, V., Gong, Y., Mehrsai, A., & Koelemeijer, K. (2019). Critical success factors for Lean implementation in IT outsourcing relationships: A multiple case study. Information Technology & People32(3), 715-730.
  • Blijleven, V., Koelemeijer, K., Wetzels, M., & Jaspers, M. (2017). Workarounds emerging from electronic health record system usage: Consequences for patient safety, effectiveness of care, and efficiency of care. JMIR Human Factors4(4), e27.
  • Blijleven, V., Koelemeijer, K., & Jaspers, M. (2017). Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in information system usage: A lean perspective. International Journal of Medical Informatics107, 40-47.
  • Blijleven, V., Koelemeijer, K., & Jaspers, M. (2017). Exploring workarounds related to electronic health record system usage: a study protocol. JMIR Research Protocols6(4), e72.