James Etheridge MPH

PhD Researcher
Etheridge, James
  • ESG

“All models are wrong; some are useful” 

George Box

James Etheridge MPH is PhD researcher at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. His research focuses on the conceptualization and measurement of “responsible leadership”, as well as the applicability of responsible leadership in taming wicked problems.

Etheridge’s background is in behavioral science, public-private partnerships, and CSR/ESG strategy and program development. Before joining Nyenrode Business Universiteit, he was Strategy Director at McCann Global Health where he worked with private corporations, governments, NGOs, and supranational organizations in over 30 countries. He also previously served as a lecturer for executive courses at Columbia University and taught bachelor’s courses at The College of New Jersey in health behavior.  

Etheridge received a Bachelor of Arts (Double major: Biology and Communication Studies) from the College of New Jersey. He completed his Master of Public Health at Columbia University where he focused his studies on structural determinants of human behavior, as well as comparative and effectiveness outcomes research.


Etheridge like running, cycling and camping.