Dr. Nicolas Chevrollier

Associate Professor
Nicolas Chevrolier
  • Meaningful Organizations
  • Social Impact
  • Sustainable Business Models
Sustainability in Action for Positive Change

Dr. Nicolas Chevrollier is an associate professor at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship. Chevrollier is lecturing at BSc, MSc and MBA levels and researching on how new forms of strategy, business models and organizations lead to higher levels of sustainability performance. Reconciling people, planet and business mechanisms is what ultimately give him energy while interacting with students and colleagues. 

His background is of multiple international experiences in three continents (US, Africa, Europe). At Nyenrode, besides his position as an assistant professor, he is the chair of the education committee of the BSc programme and a member of the education committee of the Modular MBA programme. Prior to Nyenrode, he used to be the managing director of the Inclusive Business Accelerator and managing team member of the BoP Innovation Center.

Chevrollier obtained his PhD in 2006 from the National Institute of Telecommunications (INT) in France while conducting research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US. He followed in 2008 the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP). He was an international volunteer for the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) in Madagascar in 2001-2002.  

Secondary Positions

Founder and catalyst AnLuMa, a consultancy firm supporting organizations to reach higher levels of sustainability.


Mountains, forests, basket-ball, football.

Most relevant Publications

  • Chevrollier, N., Zhang, J., Leeuwen, T., & Nijhof, A. (2020). The predictive value of strategic orientation for ESG performance over time. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society. 20. 123-142. 10.1108/CG-03-2019-0105. 
  • Mark, K., Birkinshaw, J., & Chevrollier, N. (2019). ENGIE’s GEM Business Unit: Towards a New Way of Working (Case Study No. CS-19-012), London, London Business School. 
  • Chevrollier, N., & Danse, M. (2015). Investing in Inclusive Innovation, the missing middle. Base of the Pyramid 3.0, Greenleaf Publishing. 
  • Chevrollier, N., Nijhof, A., Brandt, M., van der Klein, W. (2014). Inclusiveness in BoP Ventures. Fighting Poverty as a Challenge for Business and Management Education, Greenleaf Publishing.