Prof. dr. Christaan Behrens

In research, strive for as complete an understanding as possible of the (economic) incentives of all relevant stakeholders, even if they are not easily identified.   

Prof. Dr. Christiaan Behrens is extraordinary professor in the field of measuring and modeling broad welfare.

Behrens holds a PhD in economics and has more than 15 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative research at the intersection of market forces, marketing and consumer behavior. His dissertation - written at the Vrije Universiteit - examines the relationship between market forces, marketing and consumer behavior in the transportation sector. He specializes in analyzing and quantifying competition in imperfect markets, using several advanced econometric tools. 

Behrens publishes regularly in academic journals and professional literature on (transportation) economics, with a focus on aviation. Among other things, he has published on the relevant market for airports in Europe, competition between high-speed trains and airlines, and the effect of (national) loyalty on market forces in the aviation sector.

Behrens studies the possible application of the container concept of broad welfare to business economic activities requires accurate and reliable identification and justification of effects towards stakeholders. Combining economic insights and data analysis to apply broad welfare within business economics is a challenging task for the coming years.


Behrens loves music, especially anything to do with guitar (playing).

Relevant Publications