Dr. Rosalien van 't Foort-Diepeveen LL.M.

Assistant Professor
Rosalien van 'tFoort Diepenveen_LOWRES
  • Gender Diversity in Organizations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate law
I get a lot of energy from researching: I always want to get to the bottom of something and I want to know why or how things are the way they are. 

Dr. Rosalien van 't Foort-Diepeveen LL.M. is assistant professor and lecturer at Nyenrode Business University. Her research activities encompass research in the fields of corporate law, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and contract law. Rosalien advocates for increasing female representation on corporate boards. By doing so, she focuses on leadership. 

She also lectures in various programs at Nyenrode about corporate law, corporate governance, contract law and general principles of law. 

Rosalien graduated in law from Utrecht University and obtained her master in Corporate law at the same university. Directly after her studies Rosalien started working at Nyenrode Business University. 

In December 2021 Rosalien defended her dissertation at Nyenrode in which she posed the central question: How can gender equality at the corporate top of Dutch companies be achieved and how can existing barriers be overcome through governmental and organizational interventions?

Secondary Positions

Rosalien is the editorial secretary of the International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal. 

International Activities

As a visiting lecturer at Universitas Airlangga in Surabaya, Indonesia Rosalien lectures annually about comparative law between Indonesian and Dutch law regarding company law and contract law. She furthermore is a guest lecturer at Universitas Atma Jaya, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 

Most relevant publications

  • Van ‘t Foort-Diepeveen, R.A., Argyrou, A., & Lambooy, T.E. (2021 forthcoming). Holistic and Integrative Review into the Barriers to Women’s Advancement to the Corporate Top in Europe. Gender in Management.
  • Interview R.A. van ’t Foort-Diepeveen about research regarding the barrier that hinder women in way to the top: Waar zijn die vrouwelijke rolmodellen? (2019). Goed Bestuur & Toezicht 2019 (2).
  • Diepeveen, R.A., Renes, R.M., &  Lambooy, T.E. (2017). Man – vrouw, fifty – fifty. Goed Bestuur & Toezicht, 3/2017, pp. 24-30.
  • Diepeveen, R.A., Renes, R.M., &  Lambooy, T.E. (2017). The two-pronged approach of the (semi-)legal norms on gender diversity: Exploratory empirical research on corporate board of Dutch listed companies. International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal, 12 (2), pp. 103-139.