Prof. dr. Sharda Nandram

Sharda Nandram
  • Entrepreneurial Behavior
  • Organizational Innovation and Spirituality
  • Entrepreneurship
Connecting to the existence beyond perceived existence through nurturing integrative intelligence is worth striving for business.

Prof. dr. Sharda Nandram is Professor of Business & Spirituality at Nyenrode Business University. She is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship and teaches in the MBA program Research Methodology. In addition to her professorship at Nyenrode, Nadram works as a professor of Hindu spirituality and society at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). She has earned two bachelors and two masters in the disciplines of psychology and economics and received her PhD within the department of social psychology at the VU. Through both of these academic positions, she aims to focus on the underlying central theme of the deepest human drives and its impact on our life in a broader context of society and the world.

She has over three decades of rich consulting and entrepreneurial experience across Healthcare, Banking & Insurance, Public Government, Education, Sports sectors. She is Founder of concepts of Integrating Simplification and Integrative Intelligence. She is well travelled with diverse cross-cultural experiences through consulting, research, and teaching engagements across Europe (Dutch resident), South America (Surinamese born), North America (visited and presented at many conferences), Asia (Indian origin and conducts several research and teaching projects in India and consultancy project in China).

Most relevant publications

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