Inter Library Loans

Inter-library loan services

If you need an article or a book that is unavailable through Nyenrode Library, we can request it for you from another library. Delivery takes approximately five days.


The cost for inter-library lending and any additional delivery costs will be transferred to students and external library members. Check the cost underneath.

Tariffs for Nyenrode students

Tariffs for external full-time students

Tariffs for external (not students)


Nyenrode staff will receive books via internal mail. Students and external library members receive a message when the book is ready for pick-up at the Nyenrode Library. Journal articles are delivered via email.

Requesting a loan

Please send us your loan requests via an email to, stating:

  • Your name and contact details;
  • The details of the publication (title, author), including IBSN/ISSN if available.

Please note: by sending us this email, you agree to the cost for our inter-library loan services.

Do you have any questions? Our team is happy to help!



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