Practical information

Practical information

Do you have any questions about the library or the online information sources? Our information desk staff is there for you during the library's opening hours. This is also the place for borrowing and returning books.


  • Theses are not accessible online but can be read in the library in Breukelen during opening hours. You can look for theses in the catalog.  Copy the descriptions, especially the location code, in an e-mail to We will make sure the theses are ready for you to peruse during your visit when the library is open again.
  • Borrowing books and making reservations: please let us know which books you want to borrow before your visit (if possible). You can use the title or location code from Literature finder and send us an e-mail (
  • Returning books: It is possible to bring your books to the reception in the Albert Heijn building outside the library opening hours. 
  • Datastream reservations and useful links about the system: Please visit this page for more information. 

Study spots


Do you want to isolate yourself and study in a quiet environment? You can do so at one of the study places in the library area. You will also find cubicles (study areas for small groups) in the library building and in the Koetshuis wing.

Opening hours

  • The library in Breukelen is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12.00 - 17.00 PM. 
  • The library in Amsterdam is open from 10.00-16.00 hours.

Computers & Wi-Fi

In the library we have a number of computers for your use. There are two wireless networks at Nyenrode:

  1. The open network Guest Wi-Fi for visitors to our university.
  2. The secure network eduroam for students and staff.
    You can login to eduroam Wi-Fi with your Nyenrode email address and password. Eduroam provides direct access to our online information sources.

Multi-functional printers

We provide multi-functional printers in the library, that you may use for making photocopies, print-outs and scans. You can send print jobs from a computer or your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You need an account to do this:




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