Writing tips

Referring to and managing your sources

In this section, we tell you what we expect of a Nyenrode student when it comes to referring to and managing sources, and preventing fraud when writing reports and theses.

Referring to sources in APA style

When you are writing a report or thesis it is essential you refer to your sources in the proper manner. Learn how to refer in APA style.

Nyenrode guidelines
Read the Nyenrode guidelines for thesis writing:

When writing a report or thesis paper it is vital you refer to your sources in the proper manner. Always show where you have acquired your content, even when retelling it in your own words! Keep track of the information you use and make the correct references to your sources. This helps you to prevent plagiarism; to prevent (un)intentional fraud. At Nyenrode, we use APA style as the standard for referencing, you can find how it works below.

Managing your sources

There are many programs designed to help you manage your sources and making references in APA style. We have selected a few for you.

Free software
This software is designed to help you collect, manage and share sources and make proper references look at Zotero or Mendeley.

Using 'Citations & Bibliography' in MS Word
In Microsoft Word, you can automatically generate a bibliography (or other similar document requiring citations) of the sources you used to write your paper. More info here.

Using the 'Cite' function in databases and search engines
Many online databases and search engines – such as Discover!, EBSCO and Google Scholar) have a 'Cite' function, allowing you to easily download the reference to your source in APA style.

Always perform a check!
Although these programs can be a real help, you need to always check your own references. For instance, it is quite common for Dutch names to be misrepresented in international sources. Tip! Check this Online Dictionary for 28 Languages.