Nyenrode Fund

Invest in the past, present and future.

Welcome to the page of Stichting Nyenrode Fonds! Thanks to the support of alumni, students and other donors, the fund can invest in the past, present and future of the university.

The Fund focuses on Nyenrode’s past by preserving the monuments at our estate, the cultural heritage and traditions.

To strengthen today’s education, the Fund invests in the quality of our educational facilities. You can also contribute to cutting-edge research on topics such as sustainability and leadership.

In addition, the Fund invests in the future by providing scholarships to students who lack the resources to fully fund their studies at Nyenrode. Your contribution will give talented students the opportunity to achieve their ambitions.

Stichting Nyenrode Fonds can do all this thanks to contributions from our donors, for which we are very grateful. Donating to the Fund is tax deductible as we are an ANBI-listed organization. Would you like to contribute to the Fund, or do you have questions about how you can make a donation? Don’t hesitate to contact us!