The Nyenrode estate enhances the unique experience of studying in Breukelen. This estate holds a rich history dating back to the 13th century. Support us in maintaining this exceptional campus, ensuring that future generations of students can thrive here as well.

Our estate features an impressive 27 monuments and is recognized as one of the most remarkable business school campuses worldwide. It is our responsibility to preserve this valuable heritage for future generations.

In recent years, we have been able to invest in its heritage, such as the renovation of the Orangery, the Entrance Gate  and the monumental exit gate. Nyenrode was honored with 'de Bronze Trowel' for the restoration of the exit gate.

Contribute to our historical heritage

Support us in maintaining Nyenrode's historical heritage. Every donation, large or small, contributes to the preservation of the splendid architecture, rich history, and meaningful traditions that make Nyenrode so exceptional.

Together, we ensure that this historical heritage remains a source of inspiration. For more information on donating, please visit the contribute page.



Michiel Munneke

Michiel Munneke

Director Development


Completed renovation projects

Gate Building

In 2021, we successfully completed the restoration of the Gate Building (Poortgebouw), which dates back to 1916. This historic building serves as the entrance to the estate. During the university's 75th-anniversary celebrations, Hans Oosters, the Commissioner of the King in the province of Utrecht, officially reopened the building.

The restoration was made possible with substantial contributions from the Heritage Gems Fund of the province of Utrecht and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund.

Vegetable Garden Complex

The monumental Vegetable Garden Complex at the Nijenrode estate is truly one-of-a-kind and holds significant cultural and historical value. A provincial grant from the Heritage Gems Fund enabled us to restore it to its former glory. The restoration took place in September 2019.

The Vegetable Garden Complex was established around 1910 under the ownership of castle owner Michiel Onnes (1878 - 1972).

Aanzicht Menagerie

Aviary Complex

The aviary complex comprises a pheasantry, a duck house, an aviary, a gazebo, and a feeding house. The restoration was completed in 2019. The desire to bring the bird enclosures back into use after restoration has been fulfilled. For the pheasantry, the species that inhabited the cages were known. Some of these breeds have now been reintroduced.

This project was made possible thanks to the Province of Utrecht, the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund, the Countess of Bylandt Foundation, and the Building Blocks for Animal Welfare Foundation.