With a Nyenrode MBA, you gain much more than a title or supreme academic knowledge and skills.

You will go on a journey, during which you discover your personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and learn how to apply scientific theory to your daily practice. And because Nyenrode and its alumni are such a close-knit community, you will also gain a large and valuable network. Our MBAs have been designed in such a way, that they always match your personal situation and professional goals. You choose what suits you best: full-time, part-time or modular.


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EMBA 30-10-2017-2 Executive MBA

Executive MBA

Part-time | English | 5/10/2020
Two year Executive MBA program in modules of one week that prepares you to become the leader of the future.
FTMBA Main Image Full-time MBA

Full-time MBA

Full-time | English | 9/9/2020
One-year, full-time, Amsterdam-based MBA focusing on European business and your authentic leadership.
Alumni event 31 mei-11 Modular Executive MBA

Modular Executive MBA

Part-time | English | Spring & Autumn
Flexible part-time MBA that prepares you to become the leader of the future. Follow one module or go for the whole MBA. Choose between 3 tracks.